Friday, March 04, 2005

Joining the Super Hero Blog Trend

.....I am certainly not as computer sauvy as Reed or even Johnny though I suspect I wouldn't want to know how to get to those sites my little brother tends to frequent, the ones that makes him pull up another browser to hide whenever I walk in on him. Of course I could always sneak undetected if I really wanted to see where he goes.

.....With so many of the superhero types putting their lives up on the Internet, I thought I might add my perspective for a couple of reasons. First off being part of a team brings a different perspective. Granted The Fantastic Four is a fairly small team unlike the Avengers who seem to have had as many spin off teams over the years as the CSI franchaise on tv. We remained small and close knit due to all the relationships within the group.

.....The other big difference is our lack of secret identies. When we became The Fantastic Four, it happened in the public eye; our powers became common knowledge and in that sense we have always lived under the same public scrutiny as movie stars. This has made it hard at times, especially for Ben. Even the Hulk gets to be human sometimes though don't ever tell Ben I compared him to the Hulk least we all have to listen to him go on about why he is just as strong or stronger than the Hulk. Reed already settled that arguement as some sort of factor of the Hulk's anger and just how mad the Hulk is when he tangles with our blue-eyed Thing.

.....So, there you have it, my reasons for jumping on the blogging bandwagon. I wanted to get into my feelings on how annoyed the Incredibles has made me but that will have to wait till next time as apparently Reed is waiting for me as he needs me to put a force field around some new experiement that may go boom.